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Make Noise at The Outernet 

In collaboration with Outernet London

Campaign / Animation / Graphic Design / A. N   / UI/UX App Design / Strategy / Art Direction / Creative Direction  

The Challenge

Celebrating the vast heritage of Denmark Street.

Outernet London is an immersive media and entertainment business. As part of their opening campaign, they wanted to celebrate the legacies of Denmark Street.


Rebels don't apologise.

The Solution

Celebrating the music icons that inspired waves of change through their unapologetic attitude. 

Project Partner: Zoe Bradley

Activations Across Various Spaces At The Outernet.

1 The Now Building
The animation is displayed on the wrap-around screens room; to show the ebb and flow of the musical

2 The Now Trending 
Advertising new talents on wrap-around screen walls.


3 The Now Arcade
The audience creates their own designs that are later posted on the wrap-around interactive screens of The Now  Arcade, where they can implement themselves in their design.


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