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Hybrid Creative / AR Designer

I want to work in the creative industry because every solution to a brief is so unique; it's like getting on a roller coaster but even better because it's never repetitive. 


Hey there, I am Rogena, a hybrid creative with experience in the creative industry for over a year. I graduated from Ravensbourne University London with a degree in advertising and brand design. As a hybrid creative, I possess a diverse range of skills and experience in the creative industry. This enables me to excel in multiple areas, such as Creative direction, Art direction, branding, advertising, Strategy, and more.

My unique skill set allows me to approach creative challenges from different angles, providing fresh and innovative perspectives to my work. I have worked on various live briefs for clients, such as Max Factor, Outernet London, Museum of London, Rotary International and more. Working with clients from different backgrounds, I’ve gained confidence, experience and knowledge of how the industry works and operates.

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